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Success Stories : Beowulf Underground
Submitted by: BU Admin Team - 2003-07-28
The Beowulf Underground is retiring from its role as an active news/software site for the beowulf community. We have had a great time running this project since 1999. However, we no longer have the time and resources to keep the site up to date, and many other groups have picked up where we left off.

There are still plenty of good sources for beowulf news on the internet. Many of them are doing a much better job than we can of providing up to date content and resources. Have a look at the "News Links" to the right of this article for some good examples.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us over the years with article submissions and content!

We hope to bring BU back online eventually with different goals and services, so please check back later...

Thanks, - BU Admin Team

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